Our company was established in 2007 in Thiene, in the province of Vicenza, and it produces and sells materials, equipment and machinery for packaging.

Thanks to our qualified staff and to an in-house technical office, which is consistently active in creating innovative systems to improve and make work more efficient, we have developed easy to manage and more efficient packaging systems, to optimise resources and to produce at a higher speed than average.

The customised packaging machines are unique, patented solutions by Lorapack.

The secret of our packaging machines lies in the adjustable structure that enables the body of the machine to move, providing the possibility to package horizontally, vertically and at various degrees of inclination.

The patent ensure the possibility to move the body of the machine (crimping unit and sealing wheels) along with the roll holder.

Besides packaging machines, we also supply various other equipment:

  • weight-price labellers
  • volumetric dosers
  • checkweighers
  • revolving tables
  • conveyor belts and clippers.