Modified atmosphere packaging with Lorapack’s machines

In the food sector, modified atmosphere packaging is a technique used intensively as it allows to better preserve the product. In this article we explore its features and advantages. 

Shelf life and its secrets

So, now we have understood the difference. Not only the term shelf life has a clearer meaning, but we have also understood the difference between expiry date and date of minimum durability!

Why is it so important to pack food? Here there are 4 reasons to do it!

Packaging performs a much more important function than it appears at first glance: every product we buy, regardless of the sector to which it belongs and even if sold in bulk, is packaged. Here are 4 reasons to pack.

Not only packaging made with plastic, but also made using biodegradable materials

The environmental impact of plastic on our ecosystem is a relevant problem, related to the growing use of this material in our daily routine. Research and experimentation have therefore begun to develop in recent years biodegradable and compostable packaging materials.

CRIMA Fast for Bakery: The Perfect Machine to Make Singlepacks and Multipacks

 Crima Fast is the Lorapack brand patented packaging machine that helps bakers to pack single or multi-pack bakery products: flexible and fast to meet different needs.

CRIMA FAST 4.0 for Face Masks

Due to the health emergency, the production of face masks and other personal protective equipment is become a need. For this reason, many businesses have converted their activity to create these, which now are essential goods for the whole world.

However, to produce is only the first step. After that, you have to pack.

And who better than Lorapack knows how doing it?  

The Perfect Packaging Machine For Supermarkets

Due to the new health and hygiene regulations, it is becoming a need, which almost every single product has to be packed. If you work in large-scale retail or are a supermarkets supplier, I am sure that you already noticed this. 

Don’t worry! Lorapack has the answer!

Compact, manageable and suitable for thousands of uses: Lorapack’s new packaging machine!