"If you are looking for a quick and compact Salad Wrapping Machine to be placed in small spaces, then read below, you have just found the right solution for you"

A single packaging machine
for all salad packaging needs


Our Salad Wrapping Machines package at various inclination planes and thanks to they're structure they can be installed also in small-sized workshops such as Greengrocers (it is often difficult to transport the machines through the entrances of work areas, but this can be done with no difficulty at all with our compact fruit and vegetables wrapping machines).

Our Wrapping Machines are all equipped with a
patented packaging system by Lorapack Srl

The secret of our packaging machines lies in the adjustable structure
that enables the body of the machine to move, providing the possibility to package horizontally, vertically and at various degrees of inclination.

How our Wrapping Machines stand out from the rest:

  • They can package horizontally, vertically and at various degrees of inclination
  • They enable our customers to use just one machine for all types of fruit and vegetables packaging
  • They are compact, versatile and easy to use
  • They allow saving both time and personnel 
  • They package both in Semiautomatic and Automatic mode
  • They can handle all types of heat sealable film

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