Horizontal / Vertical Wrapping Machine Easy Crima

EASY CRIMA is our easiest packaging machine with small dimensions, but efficient for packaged products of various fields, from bakery to fruit and vegetables and from butchery to mechanics.  

Film reel 700 mm
Jaw’s width 350 mm
Height sealing cut unit 170 mm
Minimum size of product 10 x 10 x 10 mm (HxLxW)
Maximum size of product 180 x ∞ x 300 (HxLxW)
Reference between HxLxW 2H+2W+40 mm = 700 mm max.
Speed L=200, 15 ppm
Machine sizes L: 870 mm 
W: 750 mm 
H: 1650 mm
Machine weight KG 400
Electric powwer supply 220 V – 50/60 HZ
Installed power KW 3

The range of products, which can be packed using Lorapack’s patented packaging machines, is potentially endless: meat; fruit and vegetables; bakery and pastry products; technic, textile and hardware’s products; hobby and DIY products; picture frames; wooden outline; house accessories (handless, curtain sticks).

It is possible to pack loose products, as well as in tub (like cheese, wild berries, tomatoes); and also restaurant’s cover (a little bag with within cutlery and napkin). The maximum product dimensions depend on the length of the bobbin that is been used.

It is not advised to use Lorapack’s machine to pack: fragile materials (such as glass or ceramic); products with a lot of liquid (juices, sauces or mozzarellas with liquid); very thin powder (for example, flour, talcum and baking powder). 

You can use all kind of welding films, such as polyethene, polypropylene, polyester, coupled film, and also biodegradable and compostable materials.

The greatest difference is speed, which is a lot higher in CRIMA FAST. Thanks to the loading belt, included in this model’s standard equipment, and translating welding and cutting jaws, CRIMA FAST can increase the packaging speed, with a maximum of 50 packs per minute.

At a later time, you can move the loading belt and CRIMA FAST can work with the same inclination plane of a normal CRIMA.

All the machines, except EASY CRIMA, can modify the atmosphere within the pack with alcohol or gas.

Due to the reduced dimensions and low speed of EASY CRIMA, the addition of the packaging with the modified atmosphere would make work much slower. For this reason is not advised.

No, it doesn’t. Lorapack’s machines require very little technical assistance because they are easy to use. If needed, it can be enough technical assistance via phone. 

Naturally, to avoid machine problems, it is necessary to clean the machinery at the end of the production cycle.  

Of course! If the place, where the Lorapack’s machine is going to be used, is humid or is going to be used a washing reed system, it is possible to have the packaging machinery made with stainless steel

The first times, when you are not already accomplished with the machine, it can take 5 or 6 minutes to change the film bobbin. After, when you have learned how to do it, it takes 1 and a half minute

The machines use a flat film bobbin; neither single-pleat film nor tubular film. 

Packaging efficiency in all fields

EASY CRIMA is our easiest packaging machine with small dimensions, but efficient for packaged products of various fields, from bakery to fruit and vegetables and from butchery to mechanics.
This machine packages with various inclination planes, except for horizontal (a packaging system executed by CRIMA and CRIMA FAST).

The advantages of the Lorapack patented system

As in all the packaging lines produced by our company, also EASY CRIMA has an adjustable system with various inclinations, to combine the systems previously executed by different machines into just one.
The EASY CRIMA structure has been designed to be installed also in small-sized workshops (difficulty is often found in work areas in transporting the machine through entrances: with CRIMA and EASY CRIMA, this can be done with no difficulty at all).

Other features of EASY CRIMA

The sealing unit of this packaging machine has two pairs of wheels that pull and seal the film: the speed is equal to approximately 15 strokes per minute (speed varies depending on the product size and film thickness). All types of heat sealable film, except for polythene can be used with this machine.
As the other packaging machines, also EASY CRIMA has a tunnel (shaper), which pre-shapes the container bag, adjustable to the size of the product, a touch screen panel to control the work and memorise the various commands, the roll holder(with standard 700 millimetre width).

The two operating systems

As for the other two types of packaging machines, EASY CRIMA can work with a pedal (semi-automatic system), valid only with set bag lengths (pre-set on the panel), with pedal and photocell for variable lengths, or with an automatic system (also with photocell or with set lengths), to carry out continuous packaging.
When the photocell is used, the machine waits for the product input to continue packaging. The body rotation of the machine is manual.

Accessories on request

Many customers request accessories that are useful for the packaging machines. At Lorapack for example, we also supply the cross reading barrier photocell, for EASY CRIMA, which enables the automatic reading of the product length.
The photocell for print centering is ideal when a customer packages with their own logo, or uses a printed film: with this device, it is possible to centre the printing based on the product size (the photocell reads the marks on the film and recognises when it is time to cut it).
The printer is useful to reproduce the batch identification and expiry date (valid especially for food) with letters and numbers.