Horizontal / Vertical Wrapping Machine Crima Fast

With CRIMA FAST, it is possible to package (also in modified atmosphere) a remarkable quantity of products on a horizontal, vertical or inclined plane. 

Film reel 700 mm
Jaw’s width 350 mm
Height sealing cut unit 170 mm
Minimum size of product 10 x 10 x 10 mm (HxLxW)
Maximum size of product 180 x ∞ x 300 (HxLxW)
Reference between HxLxW 2H+2W+40 mm = 700 mm max.
Speed 50 ppm
Machine sizes L : 2500 mm 
W: 1300 mm 
H : 1800 mm
Machine weight KG 550
Electric powwer supply 220 V – 50/60 HZ
Installed power KW 3

CRIMA FAST: the additional value is its speed

This packaging machine is similar to the flow pack machine, but what differentiates it from the competition is the patented packaging system by Lorapack and the high-speed production. With CRIMA FAST, in fact, it is possible to package (also in modified atmosphere) a remarkable quantity of products on a horizontal, vertical or inclined plane.
Regarding the dimensions of the product and the film thickness, this packaging machine can execute up to 50 strokes per minute.

The rotating body is an unrivalled advantage in packaging

In addition, CRIMA FAST is a patented solution with a rotating body, designed to execute vertical, horizontal and inclined packaging. An unrivalled advantage, which enables our customers to use just one machine for all types of packaging.
As the others, this packaging machine allows you to choose the automatic or semi-automatic function.

The crimping closure system

A feature that differentiates CRIMA FAST from CRIMA and EASY CRIMA is the crimping closure system. In the first two, in fact, during the process where the two heated spatulas seal the film and a blade cuts it, the product stops at each stage.
Instead, with CRIMA FAST, the product continues to advance along the belt with a translating movement, until the machine seals and cuts the film. At Lorapack, we have also provided an intermittent function, when the customer wishes.


CRIMA FAST has an adjustable tunnel (that establishes the width of the bag), the touch screen panel, the translating movement crimper, the roll holder and the unit with three pairs of sealing wheels (longitudinal sealing unit).
The input conveyor belt (standard), joined to the packaging machine, is removable.


CRIMA FAST optionals are the gas injection devices and alcohol spray, the customised roll holder (for films with a thickness exceeding 700 millimetres), the device to pre-heat a second pair of wheels.
On request, we have the cross reading barrier photocell for all machines, for the length of the bag (can be installed after assembly): a device that enables the automatic reading of the product length.
The other pieces of equipment available at Lorapack upon customer request are weight-price labellers, volumetric dosers, checkweighers, revolving tables, conveyor belts and clippers.