Why is it so Important to Pack Food? Here There Are 4 Reasons to do It!

We always talk about packaging, bags, boxes and tins. However, why is it so important to pack food? Can’t we simply leave it loose?

Try to think, for example, about the vegetable or farm’s stalls at the market, or about the food-tracks, that sells fried fish. The intense colours of the vegetable catch our eyes; the fried fish’s smell calls us, while we wander from stall to stall. So we get near, choose the product that we want and watch the seller put it in a bag.

At the supermarket, rather no article is without a packaging, whether this is its standard form, or it is the customer that picks it up from the dispenser and bags it.

So why is it the package so necessary? Is it needed only during transport operations or also before?

Four reasons to pack

  1. Packaging contains the product. It seems granted, but try to think of how could we buy milk, or flour, or cornflakes, or meat if they were not inside some kind of pack. Maybe, it could be easier with fruit and vegetable. However, would you put them directly in the cart?
  2. The bag is the first way to preservation. We all know that some foods need to be put in the fridge, while others seem to be afraid of humid or too sunny places. Here comes the bag to help us: not only it makes a barrier between the product and insects, rodents or animals and bacteria in general, but also it protects food from the environment. If needed, the pack can be impermeable (made of plastic or biodegradable and compostable materials), transpiring or darkening.
  3. The pack is important for the commercialisation. The bag determines the quantity of product that we buy, whether it is 250 grams, 500 grams, or five oranges. On the packaging are also written essential information, such as the expiry date, the origin, the ingredients, instructions for use or storage conditions.
  4. Some kind of package is essential for transport. I am not speaking only of the moment when we put the article in the basket or bag, but of transfer from the producer to the seller. Yes, because the pack is not only the one that is wrapped around the final product, but also pallets and boxes used to store the articles before to put them on the shelves.

In conclusion, the packaging plays a role way more important of what initially seems. For this reason, without distinction of the sector, in which you work (fruit and vegetable, fish, dairy, meat, bakery or pastry), it is necessary to try to find always new and useful solutions, as the Lorapack’s patented packaging machines want to be.