The Perfect Packaging Machine For Supermarkets

Due to the new health and hygiene regulations, it is becoming a need, which almost every single product has to be packed. If you work in large-scale retail or are a supermarkets supplier, I am sure that you already noticed this.

What could you do? To buy expensive and big machineries is not the best answer: they need a lot of space (space that usually there isn’t behind the bakery’s or pastry’s corner); even though you can attempt to get access to Italian economic manoeuvre such as Industria 4.0 or Nuova Sabatini, the machines can be quite expensive. Not to mention the need to have a machinery, that can work with a wide range of products.

Don’t worry! Lorapack has the answer!

Compact, manageable and suitable for thousands of uses: Lorapack’s new packaging machine!

Lorapack is working to meet this new packaging’s need and in autumn is going to present its new packaging machine.

A fundamental characteristic of all the machineries, which have the Lorapack’s patent, is to be able to work vertically, horizontally and with various inclinations planes. Yes, you heard me right. Lorapack’s machines encompass three categories of machinery that before were completely separated. However, to make work quicker, the new model is going to operate only with an inclination plane of 45°, in two modalities:

  • Manual setup of the bag’s dimensions;
  • Automatic setup of the bag’s dimensions. This way, using photocells, the machine can understand in autonomy when the right moment to close the packaging comes. For examples, you can make a pack a single loaf of bread and, immediately after, you can make a bag with within five loaves of bread, without change the machinery’s working parameters.

The new model is going to be more inexpensive than CRIMA (the first version of the machine). Why is it going to be more inexpensive? Quality is not going to be less, but size is going to be reduced. CRIMA is already a compact and manageable machinery (it can go through the front door), but the new one’s size is going to be smaller.

For this reason, can only small products be packed? Not at all! The performance is not going to change: it is going to be possible to make the perfect packaging for a great number of products, both small and large.

To whom is addressed?

To everyone who need it! Especially the new model could be the right answer for supermarket’s needs. The patented machine is going to be perfect to pack bakery and pastry products. It could be placed in the back room and the employees could pack the products – individually or not – as soon as the supplier delivers them. This way, the items would be ready to be put on the shelves and there would not be the need to bag them at the counter. The whole process would be quicker, cleaner and more efficient.

Another branch in which the new model would be useful is the fruit and vegetables sector. It seems difficult for an employee of the vegetables corner to pack express every single product. It is easier for supermarkets to ask to their supplier to pack the items. Lorapack’s new machine is the right answer to this need: compact, inexpensive and extremely versatile, it permits to pack a wide range of farm products. Set, as well as individual packaging or with tray. Really, all from potatoes to apples, lettuce, wild berries and dried fruit!

The new machine could be useful also for suppliers of cafeterias and workplace canteen

If you are not sure that this machinery is good for you or have any questions, contact us! It could be the machine you waited lifelong!