Modified Atmosphere Packaging With Lorapack’s Machines

Does it happen to you to take a package from a supermarket or store shelf, start reading the label and don’t understand something? It could be the name of some ingredients, or not to know where the producing location is, or not to understand precisely what a particular wording means. For example, what does it mean “modified atmosphere”? What does it mean regarding packaging?

The word “atmosphere” makes us think about space, parachutes, aeroplanes or a science lesson. However, the one with the modified atmosphere is a very useful and diffused kind of package. Do you want to know why?

Modified atmosphere packaging: what it is

The better way to start is saying in which branch this technology is more used: the food one. This is because the addition of alcohol or the ones called “packaging gas” within the bag is useful for the product’s preservation.

Putting one of these elements inside the package before, after or together with the alimentary product, not only increases its shelf-life and helps to move forward the food expiry date but also strongly reduces the possibility of growth of moulds, bacteria or mushrooms.

Now, why don’t we stop a moment on the reason behind the choice of the elements for the preservation?

Alcohol is sprayed – in minimal quantity – mainly inside bags of bakery or pastry products. Between the gases used to prevent the growth of moulds, mushrooms or bacteria, prevails the use of carbon dioxide, azote and oxygen. Carbon dioxide and azote are particularly suitable for sectors like the meat one, while oxygen maintains the natural vegetables’ colours.

Generally, making use of modified atmosphere keeps food edible longer: thanks to the gases’ partial absorption, the aliment’s period of preservation becomes longer, out of the package too. And this helps to reduce the quantity of food waste created.

Lorapack and the modified atmosphere packaging

Where can you find machinery that uses this technology? The answer is the easiest: the patented Lorapack’s packaging machines.

Not only they can work vertically, horizontally and with various inclinations planes, but models CRIMACRIMA SUN and CRIMA FAST (in short, all the machines of this line of production, except for EASY CRIMA) can also pack using modified atmosphere, without to compromise their productivity or their speed.

Besides the adaptability to this way of packaging, which aims at the reduction of the environmental impact, Lorapack’s machines can also pack with biodegradable and compostable materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know if this kind of package can be used with your products!