Crima Fast For Bakery: The Perfect Machine to Make Singlepacks And Multipacks

In the fresh dawn air, when the sun is only a faint light behind the mountain, the aroma of fresh bread has already spread out. You only need to listen, to close your eyes and follow your nose: surely, you will arrive in front of the bakery.

And there, with hands and forehead pressed against the window, you can witness the miracle: flour and water that, after hours of leavening, become a loaf of bread. And brioches, baguettes, white bread and cereal bread. The warm air fogs up the window, while the belly rumbles. It doesn’t matter, how much time ago was the last meal: nobody can resist the scent of bread just took out of the oven.

If only the baker too would be so peaceful. If only he would let himself be captured from the magic of his work. Instead, the only thing he can think of is that many of his clients now want something, which he does not know how to offer. Restaurants, cafeterias, working and hospital canteens, hotels, cafes: now all of them want bakery products in single-use packages.

However, what can he do? He surely cannot pack by hand the two breadsticks and the three little loaves that the waiters of the pizzeria at the corner would place on the tables. Neither can he package two by two the slices of bread, which would be put on the tray of office workers and workmen.
The baker’s sigh makes rise little clouds of flour. Which is the solution? He knows that he should buy a packaging machine (to make all bags by hand is impossible), but which?

CRIMA FAST: versatile, adaptable and compact packaging machine

The answer is simpler that it seems: CRIMA FAST is the perfect machine for whom, who has these necessities!
It is a Lorapack’s patented machine. It is extremely flexible, gives the possibility of working vertically, horizontally or with various inclinations planes and can make 50 packs per minute in all positions.
Thanks to the photocells, CRIMA FAST recognises the right moment to close the pack, working in semi-automatic modality as well as in automatic mode. For this reason, it is possible to make singlepacks as well as multipacks, changing only a parameter.

Using CRIMA FAST, all the delivers of hospitals, restaurants, canteens, cafes, etc., who due to the current health emergency need to find new ways to pack, can make packages quicker than by hand. CRIMA FAST is extremely versatile and adaptable to a wide range of products.
Moreover, CRIMA FAST’s size is a lot smaller than the other machines of its category. Therefore, CRIMA FAST can be placed where another packaging machine cannot.