Crima Fast 4.0 For Face Masks


These months have seen the development of a new branch in the market. Due to the health emergency, the production of face masks and other personal protective equipment is become a need. For this reason, many businesses have converted their activity to create these, which now are essential goods for the whole world.

However, to produce is only the first step. After that, you have to pack.

And who better than Lorapack knows how doing it? From the start, the firm was ready with its more appropriated model: CRIMA FAST 4.0, a patented machine that can make 50 packs per minute and gives the possibility of working vertically, horizontally or with various inclinations planes. It is not a coincidence, that CRIMA FAST 4.0 is our bestseller product of the year 2020!

Why choose CRIMA FAST 4.0?

Ideal for low-to-medium productions, the machinery not only can operate in various working planes, but also can easily change the size of the pack, to adapt to a wide range of products. This way, you can pack a single face mask, as well as a multipack of five to ten masks, the only things you have to do is to adjust a single parameter.

Using CRIMA FAST 4.0, our clients have packed personal protective equipment like single-use gowns; face masks of different models (such as surgical masks and cloth or fabric devices); hospital masks; and the more traditional dust, antismog and painter’s masks.

To work, the machine can use heath sealable film – mono or multilayer, as well as biodegradable and compostable materials.

And after that? How can you use CRIMA FAST 4.0, when the emergency ends?

This is the aspect that makes us proud and our clients satisfied: once the need to pack personal protective equipment ends, you do not have to put CRIMA FAST 4.0 in the storage room (evens as the machine’s size permits it). You can use the machinery to pack the products of your ordinary activity

For example, Desiderio s.r.l., which in these months has produced facial masks and single-use gown and has acquired our machinery to pack them, can use CRIMA FAST 4.0 to make the packaging of its pillow or its cushion (the ordinary items that the firm creates). Moreover, if in the future Desiderio s.r.l. decides to make also comforters, they too can be packaged using our patented machine!